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Exploring Metta and Ways of Looking -online course 11.4.-23.5.2021

In the beginning metta has beings as its object.

For bodhisattvaswho have practiced further on the path, metta has phenomena as its object.

And for bodhisattvas who have attained receptivity to the truth of non-orgination, metta has no object.

- The Aksayamati Sutra

On this course we will be exploring how the practice of cultivating metta – kindness and good will – can be a way of deepening our understanding of fabrication and the emptiness of phenomena. The practice of metta is also an important support for the deepening of samadhi - the meditative collectedness of mind.

This course is intended for people with some prior familiarity with emptiness and brahmavihara practices. A thorough familiarity with mindfulness practices is required for participation, and an openness to new ways of approaching practice is helpful. Participants are expected to take on these practices for the duration of the course.

The course will take place over seven sessions on Sundays from the the 11th of April till the 23rd of May. We will be meeting at 12:00 - 2.00 Eastern European Time. The course sessions will be recorded on vimeo for course participants only, so you can follow the teachings even if the live times of the course are not possible for you. In addition to these teaching and practice sessions an optional daily meditation sit will be available to the participants to support daily practice and deepening in the dharma. Optional group meetings will also be offered as part of the course structure. The course is offered on a donation basis.

The course will be offered by Juha Penttilä and Sari Markkanen.

You can find the registration form here.

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