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Exploring relational practices - an online course 14.3.2022-11.4.2022

Course dates: Five sessions on Mondays from the 14th of March till the 11th of April, 2022

Course meeting time: 19:30 - 21.30 Helsinki/Tel Aviv (5:30pm UK, 12:30pm New York, 9:30am Los Angeles)

Cost: Offered on a dana basis

Application: Click here for application form


For many of us we spend much of our lives in relationship and in communication with others. The Buddhist path of practice includes many helpful ways of looking, skilful meditative techniques and approaches. On this course we will explore intentionally bringing some of these ways of looking and techniques into the relational field, so their liberating potential can begin to reveal itself more fully in our lives and relationships. 


The main practice on the course will be in the form of triads and small groups, supported by some meditation practice in the traditional form.

We will practice the arts of: 

  • Listening with a fulness of embodied presence and collectedness of heart and mind

  • Developing an empathetic compassionate and attuned attitude while listening

  • Developing kind mindfulness of and sensitivity to the relational field

  • Sharing from direct experience and cultivating mindful sharing

  • Sharing and listening in ways that emphasize and grow beautiful qualities of heart and mind: Gratitude, appreciation, Joy, Generousity etc. 

  • Exploring relational practices which support letting go and the process of unbinding


This course is intended for practitioners who have been practicing for at least two years; have a regular meditation practice; has experience in practices of Metta, compassion or practices of ways of looking.


We are accepting participants on application basis, considering mostly the time of application as a factor. The number of participants in the course is limited. You can fill in the application form here


Yahel Avigur is a devoted meditator and Dharma teacher. In 2013, After practicing in Theravada and Insight Meditation traditions, he met the Dharma teacher Rob Burbea and became his student. He was encouraged by Rob to teach the path of Emptiness to its depth; his unique approach to the Jhana practice; and to train in teaching Soulmaking Dharma. Yahel is also trained in the Hakomi approach of assisted self study.  


Juha Penttilä has been practicing meditation since 2002. He has spent extended periods of time on retreats and in monasteries in Asia and Europe and is one of the founding members of Nirodha, the Finnish Insight Meditation practice community. Juha completed his Insight Meditation teacher training in 2020. In addition to exploring meditation, Juha’s teaching is influenced by the current climate crisis and engaged perspectives into the Dharma.


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