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Vastness of Awareness: An Online Course 

Over this four session online course, we’ll explore together the practices of vastness of awareness. Through these practices we can notice how the mind can appear to us in meditation as a bright, spacious, unshakable and sky-like space. These expansive meditative states are referred to by many names in the Buddhist tradition: primordial mind, ultimate wisdom, and Buddha nature, and are described as containing all the noble qualities of mind and heart. In this course we can begin to open up to these meditative experiences through simple and practical exercises of listening and opening up the sense of awareness.

Course dates: Sundays 9.-30.6.2024 (4 sessions)

Time: 5 – 7 pm UK time, 7 –  9 pm Finland time

Participation: This is an online course offered through Zoom. The sessions will be recorded and these will be made available to the course participants.

Registration: Coming soon.

Dana: This course is freely offered on a donation basis.

Teacher: Juha Penttilä has been practicing meditation since 2002. He has spent extended periods of time on retreats and in monasteries in Asia and Europe and is one of the founding members of Nirodha, the Finnish Insight Meditation practice community. Juha completed his Insight Meditation teacher training in 2020.

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